1-Act Comedy

Plays are arranged by cast size, ranging from small to large.

Five actors or less

Losing It

Two actors (1M, 1F). Running Time: 45 minutes Jack is an actor who's lost for words. Now he's also lost his leading lady – and the way things are going, he's also losing the plot and he feels he might be on the verge of losing his mind too.
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Dirty Business

Three actors (2F, 1M) Running Time: approx 60 mins (a 50 mins version for festivals is also available). A great topical comedy about spending cuts, the cleaning business and a pair of lacy knickers! Click here for details

One in the Eye

Five actors (3M, 2F with doubling) Running Time: approx 50 minutes. Or the exploits of Horatio Nelson's less famous brother, Maurice – and his efforts to keep Emma Hamilton from spilling the beans... Click here for details

You and Me Both

Four actors (2M, 2F). Running time approx 50 mins. Gareth and Daisy have been invited to stay for free in a holiday cottage – a renovated barn – by the affluent owners, David and Fleur, who live next door. The trouble is Daisy knows David all too well: she used to be his wife, until he had an affair with Fleur.  Click here for details

Roy Brown: Untitled

Four actors (2F. 2M) Running time: 60 mins (Can be cut to 50 mins for festivals). Roy Brown is a man always on the lookout for an easy way to make a living. And modern art looks just the ticket... Seeing how much money there is to be made, Roy reckons turning out a few pieces himself will be rather a doddle. Click here for details

Roy Brown and the Red Baron

Four actors (2F. 2M) Running time: 50 minutes. Roy discovers something of mind-boggling importance (to him at least) – it turns out that the WW1 flying ace who shot down the Red Baron was none other than Captain Roy Brown! And who else could this be but Roy’s great, great uncle? Armed with this information, Roy sees a future of fame and fortune stretching ahead of him. Click here for details

Roy Brown: Bard of Margate

Four actors (2F. 2M) Running time: 60 mins (Can be cut to 50 mins for festivals). Roy decides to help out his mate Kev by producing Macbeth at his newly launched pub theatre. But this is no ordinary Macbeth. According to Roy, his version is not only better than the original, but he’s cut out ‘all the boring stuff’ and made it a lot sharper and much, much shorter, and with a lot more jokes. Click here for details

Roy Brown: Bringing Back the Bluestones

Five actors (2F. 3M) Running time: 45 mins  If Scotland can get back the Stone of Destiny and Greece wants the Elgin marbles returned, why shouldn’t Wales reclaim the Stonehenge bluestones? But what's the point of just reclaiming the bluestones, Roy plans to move the whole of Stonehenge. It could make his name (and fortune) probably...Click here for details


Four actors (3M, 1F) Running time: 40 mins In the security control room of The Oaks shopping centre, Rich is coming on duty for the night shift, relieving Alex and Jane, two other guards. It is, it seems, an ordinary evening at The Oaks – until the arrival of Keith, a robber of quite breathtaking incompetence, intent on robbing the shopping centre...   Click here for details


Four actors (1M, 3F) Running time: 45 mins. We live in a celebrity-obsessed society. So, when minor-celebrities measure their success on how many times they have appeared on a reality TV show and how often they are recognised in the street, what must it be like for them to lose their looks overnight?   Click here for details

Waiting for Gordon

Five actors (5F or 4F, 1M) Running time: 45 mins.  Three women are attending a DIY class at their local college, when they are joined by a fourth, Helen. They are all, in their different ways, wanting to assert their independence and not rely on men.  Click here for details

This article was updated on 2 July 2020