Losing It

1-act comedy (1M, 1F) Running time: approx 45 mins

Jack is an actor who's lost for words. Now he's also lost his leading lady – and the way things are going, he's also losing the plot and he feels he might be on the verge of losing his mind too.

Things start off well enough until it's clear that Jack's other actor has not turned up. His attempt to keep the play going soon gets too much for one member of the audience who begins remonstrating with him, then gets sucked into appearing in the play herself...


JACK: a very earnest young actor
WOMAN: a self-assured woman


"Fluellen Theatre Company's new Lunchtime Theatre season got off to a flying start with this nicely observed two-handed comedy from the pen of Derek Webb"
South Wales Evening Post

"This is a very fine comedy with some wonderful moments. Derek Webb consistently produces first class scripts for the stage and I would urge readers to consider this or one of his other excellent plays." Amateur Stage magazine, January 2013

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This article was updated on 28 December 2017