Results of fire at Madame Tussauds in 1930!

Plays, both drama and comedy, which are based on real people – the stage equivalent of a biopic!

Rossetti's Spaghetti: or the tangled love lives of a Pre-Raphaelite artist

Two actors (1m, 1f) Running time 80 minutes. Full length drama about the artist Gabriel Rossetti, the Pre Raphaelites, and the women in his life. The play explores not just his relationships and their consequences, but also the question: what exactly is art and what is its relevance? Click here for details

Call Me Dusty (play with music)

Three actors (1m, 2f  – with doubling) professional version. Running Time: 1 hr 45 minutes. Without doubt the finest white soul singer of her era, Dusty Springfield is for millions the definitive pop diva. Her lifestyle was the stuff of legend – and great drama. Click here for details  Also large cast version: 12 actors (6m, 6f with doubling) 

100 Minutes

Four actors (3M, 1F) Running time: 100 minutes.  Drama about the first flight from the UK to Ireland. The pilot was an Anglo-Irishman; son of a wealthy Irish family – Denys Corbett Wilson. The play celebrates this achievement and the life of Corbett Wilson who was tragically killed in action flying with the Royal Air Corps in May 1915. Click here for details

Strong Steam

Four actors (3M, 1F) Running time: Two hours. True drama with comedic moments about the real inventor of the steam engine - Richard Trevithick. This is the extraordinary life of the Cornishman whose invention helped kick-start the Industrial Revolution. A giant of an inventor who has never really gained the recognition he deserves. Can also be played with a full cast of up to 13M and 4F.  Click here for details 

Heroes Without a Parachute

Three actors (3M) Running time: 120 minutes  The play follows the fortunes of three young men (based on real characters) who eagerly joined the fledgling Royal Flying Corps, formed a couple of years before the outbreak of war in 1914. Click here for details

The Railway Children Lady 

12 actors, 9 with doubling + recorded voices - 7M (4 with doubling), 4F, 1 teenage girl, 3 children (voices only). Running Time: 105 minutes. Forever remembered as the author of ‘The Railway Children’ and a host of other children’s books, Edith Nesbit was testimony to the maxim that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Click here for details

Baroque 'n' Roll

Four actors (3M. 1F) Running Time: 2 hours.  A romp through the larger-than-life lives – and glorious music – of three of the most celebrated composers of all time: Handel, Bach and Scarlatti, all born the same year, 1685, and who grew to become undisputed giants of baroque music.  Click here for details

The Mind in the Willows

Four actors (3M. 1F) Running Time: 55 mins. Mr Molesworth (Mole), Mr B (Badger), Mr Rattenbury (Ratty) and Algernon St John Buffy (Toad) meet up at Mole's house and discover how their lives are intertwined with that of Kennth Grahame, author of The Wind in the Willows. . Click here for details 


COMING SOON: 'The Mind in the Willows' - the life of Kenneth Grahame

This article was updated on 13 May 2024