Play Chooser

First choose whether you are looking for: full length (from 90 to 120 minutes generally) or 1-Act (up to 60 minutes).  Then choose whether you are looking for Drama, Comedy or Comedic Drama (a bit of both!).  Finally, the plays are arranged in terms of casting, so you can match a play to your cast availability.

Full Length plays                                             1-Act plays


NEW! BIOPLAYS - the stage equivalent of biopics - 1-act and full length plays based on real people. Click here

Strong Steam - Full length major drama about the inventor of the steam engine - Richard Trevithick. Click here for details

Rossetti's Spaghetti: or the tangled love lives of a Pre-Raphaelite artist - Full length drama about the artist Gabriel Rossetti, the Pre Raphaelites, and the women in his life. Click here for detai 

Agatha Crusty and the Medieval Murders - the latest in the fantastically popular Agatha Crusty murder mystery comedy series. Click here for details

The Invisible Man - the classic HG Wells story in a fast-moving hilarious adaptation with three actors playing all 15 parts!  Sold Out at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festival!  Click here for details 

One in the Eye - a 1-act comedy about Horatio Nelson's older brother Maurice (yes, really) and how he tries to prevent his female chum Emma Hamilton meeting Nelson's wife and King George! Click here for details

No Smoke - a 1-act drama about a music teacher accused of sexual abuse and how social media changes everything.  Click here for details

Baroque 'n' Roll - a full length comedy about three big-wig Baroque composers: Handel, Bach and Scarlatti, funny and full of glorious music.  Click here for details

Heroes without a Parachute - a full length drama about three airmen who flew with the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War and whose sheer bravery helped changed the course of the war. Click here for details




This article was updated on 11 April 2024