Agatha Crusty and the Medieval Murders

6F, 5M.  Running time: 2 hours (approx)


Agatha decides to join a genealogy course – finding our more about her family tree is something that has always fascinated her. The course is being held in one of the best preserved medieval houses in the country called Bramwell Towers, built on the site of a Franciscan Priory that has long since gone.

Sadly, wherever Agatha goes, murderous deeds seem soon to follow. She has scarcely been there a few hours when one of the people running the course dies in suspicious circumstances. And then one by one others follow.

It’s certainly time to call in the police and get a thorough investigation underway. But the arrival of a certain Detective Inspector Twigg doesn’t exactly fill the occupants of Bramwell Towers with optimism and, yet again, it falls on Miss Crusty to solve the case amid bodies piling up as fast as the laughs. 


Characters in order of appearance

Pearl Claythorpe (40s-50s) PA type, pleasant, helpful but not particularly authoritative.

Agatha Crusty (30s-60s) Crime novelist and amateur sleuth, deceptively quiet but with a very keen, agile mind.

Richard Watkins (40s-60s) Course participant, slightly pretentious, posh manner.

Jane Finch (30s-60s) Course participant, warm and friendly but very diffident.

Bernard Marchmont (40s-60s) CEO of Litetouch Energy, affable, friendly, but with a cool, business-like manner.

Cheryl Hay (40s-50s) Leader of the Genealogy Course, assured, pleasant, used to managing people.

Anabelle Price (30s-60s) Course participant, competent, bright, professional type.

Giles Woodcock (30s-60s) Course participant, upper class pretensions with a toff-like manner.

Thomas Gunn (30s-50s) Course participant, amiable, rough diamond geezer, cockney.

Gillian deSilver (30s-50s) Course participant, works for market research company and it shows.

DI Twigg (30s-50s) Dismally incompetent detective with a capital D and I.

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