1-act comedy (1F, 3M) Running time: approx 40 minutes
In the security control room of The Oaks shopping centre, Rich is coming on duty for the night shift, relieving Alex and Jane, two other guards. Alex is decidedly non-pc with a penchant for zooming in the CCTV cameras onto unsuspecting women shoppers.
Rich is far more conformist and rather pedantic in his attitudes, but he has obviously learnt to put up with Alex's childish behaviour. Jane has a penchant for shopping with a capital S and is a bright, rather feisty addition to the security team.
It is, it seems, an ordinary evening at The Oaks – until the arrival of Keith, a robber of quite breathtaking incompetence, intent on robbing the shopping centre...

ALEX: 20-40, security guard – treats most things as a bit of a joke
RICH: 30-50, security guard – treats things far more seriously
JANE: 20-40 security guard – treats shopping with reverence
KEITH: 20-40 would-be robber – treats himself to whatever he can lay his hands on

"CCTV is a well written, very funny one act play that is sure to please." Amateur Stage Magazine - Review,

"This is undoubtedly Derek Webb's finest and most focused offering to date. A real gem." South Wales Evening Post

"Webb's strength is his sharply observed character studies which present the protagonists as recognisable people with all their foibles."Western Telegraph

For a free downloadable pdf copy of the script for evaluation purposes, and details of performing rights, click here: Stagescripts

This article was updated on 28 December 2017