Roy Brown and the Red Baron

1-Act Comedy (2F. 2M) Running time: 50 mins

Synopsis: Roy Brown is a man on a mission: to make maximum money with minimum effort. His work as a carpenter usually means avoiding his customers for as long as possible, which certainly reduces the amount of effort he puts in, but also adversely affects his cash flow.

So, in an attempt to turn over a few quid, he tries flogging some of his old rubbish at a car boot sale, ably abetted in his task by his chums Rhys and Jane… sadly to little effect.

And life gets more problematical when an irate customer turns up wanting to know when the bench, he’s supposed to be making her, will be delivered.

But when Jane enthuses him to research his family history, he discovers something of mind-boggling importance (to him at least) – it turns out that the WW1 flying ace who shot down the Red Baron was none other than Captain Roy Brown! And who else could this be but Roy’s great, great uncle? Armed with this information, Roy sees a future of fame and fortune stretching ahead of him…

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Cast (in order of appearance)

Roy Brown (late 20s – early 40s) Likeable, but rather unreliable carpenter, entrepreneur – always ready to seek fame and fortune. Easily swayed and often faddish. Likes to give the impression of being worldly–wise but quite naïve. Given to sleeping under his favourite Captain America duvet, reading comics and eating bacon and eggs. Lives in Wales, but born in Margate, and has an accent to match.

Jane Cartwright (late 20s – late 30s) Friend of Roy’s who enjoys getting involved with ‘causes’ and throws herself into them – bright, enthusiastic, motivated. Deep down she is very sensible, but harbours a real desire for Roy (so perhaps she is not so sensible, after all).

Rhys (late 20s – early 40s) Another friend of Roy’s, dependable and dedicated in his own way. Enjoys baiting Roy and openly laughs at Roy’s mishaps, but is more than capable of making a faux pas himself. Welsh and proud of it. Also proud of the number of pints he can sink down at the Golden Lion.

Mrs Brown (late 40s – early 60s) No relation to Roy. Customer of Roy’s simply wanting him to deliver the bench he promised. Doesn’t suffer fools gladly and probably doesn’t take hostages either.

NOTE: This title was previously published by Silvermoon. It is now published by Stagescripts who handle all performing rights.


For a free downloadable pdf copy of the script for evaluation purposes, and details of performing rights, click here

This article was updated on 28 December 2017