Roy Brown: Bringing Back the Bluestones

1-Act Comedy. 3M, 2F + recorded voice. Running time: 45 minutes

If Scotland can get back the Stone of Destiny and Greece wants the Elgin marbles returned, why shouldn’t Wales reclaim the Stonehenge

bluestones?  But what's the point of just reclaiming the bluestones, Roy plans to move the whole of Stonehenge. It could make his name (and fortune) probably...
This is a comedy about the nature of bandwagons and our attitude to heritage – and how quickly a nation's imagination can be captured by what is in essence a ridiculous idea.

ROY BROWN: 30s to 40s – Carpenter, with a Walter Mitty type attitude. Always willing to trumpet some cause or other, although often with his own self-interest in mind, but likeable nevertheless.
JANE: late 20s to late 30s – friend of Roy’s who wishes it were more. She also enjoys getting involved with ‘causes’ and throws herself into them – bright, enthusiastic, motivated.
EMMA: 30s to 40s – an earnest friend of Roy’s, very interested in local history and archaeology, steady, pragmatic.
RHYS: – 20s to 40s – another friend of Roy’s, similar to Jane. Dependable, but often looks for ways to ‘bait’ Roy.
AMERICAN: 30s to 60s – typical brash American. One scene only.
RADIO ANNOUNCER: Audio only. One short news item. Could be pre-recorded.

This article was updated on 17 May 2023