Roy Brown: Bard of Margate

1-Act Comedy (2F. 2M) Running time: 60 mins (Can be cut to 50 mins for festivals

Roy’s back with his own inimitable take on Shakespeare. Roy decides to help out his mate Kev by producing Macbeth for Kev’s newly launched pub theatre: at the Shakespeare’s Head in Margate.
But this is no ordinary Macbeth. According to Roy, his version is not only better than the original, but he’s cut out ‘all the boring stuff’ and made it a lot sharper and much, much shorter, and with a lot more jokes. Characteristically, he describes his latest play in one word: Awesome. 

Roy Brown - (late 20s-early 40s) Likeable, but rather unreliable, carpenter; an entrepreneur
Jane - (late 20s-late 30s) A friend of Roy’s, has a soft spot for him, enjoys getting involved with ‘causes’ & throws herself into them
Rhys - (late 20s-early 40s) Roy’s mate, often a foil for Roy’s jokes, but manages to get one back on Roy occasionally
Marjorie - (late 40s-early 60s) Roy’s mate Kev’s mum, trod the boards as a youngster, enthusiastic if somewhat overbearing


For a free downloadable pdf copy of the script for evaluation purposes, and details of performing rights, click here

This article was updated on 28 December 2017