Youth Plays

Plays are arranged by cast size, ranging from small to large.

Five actors or less

My Quiet Life

Five actors  3M (teens), 1F (teens) 1M (20s) Running Time: 30 mins. Megan has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  'My Quiet Life' explores Megan's world and her relationship with her brother, her therapist, her mother and her life. Click here for details


Five actors  3M (teens), 1F (teens) 1M (20s) Running Time: 30 mins.  Mark and Jason are two 24 year old website whiz-kids working for Surprising Gifts, an internet-based toy and gift company. They are having to reorganise the database and website in time for the expected Christmas rush, but Jason isn't about to let that get in the way of taking out their assistant, Nicola.Click here for details

A Present from Santa

Five actors  3M (teens), 1F (teens) 1M (20s) Running Time: 60 minutes. This is an extended and more dramatic version of Firewall, rewritten as a two-hander and allowing great opportunity for two talented young actors to put in remarkable performances. Click here for details

Coming Back

Four actors  3M (teens), 1F (teens)  Running Time: 25 minutes.  Three teenagers, Ross, Jack and Gemma, all the worse for wear with drink are on their way home when they come across a mysterious homeless young man who appears to have come from Jack’s past; an encounter which leads to potentially fatal consequences.  Click here for details

Seven actors or less

Getting the Breaks

1-Act Play for a youth cast.  3M (teens), 2F (teens) 1F (20s) Running Time: 45 mins  Jason's going out with Zoe. Berwyn dreams of getting the perfect break in snooker. Ben's unhappy that his mother won't let him out at night. We hear from all these teenagers and begin to understand a little of what makes them who they are. When Zoe attempts suicide, lives converge, briefly touching, before going their own way again. Click here for details

This article was updated on 26 November 2021