Welsh Lessons

1-act play - running time approx 60 mins (5F, 2M)

It's the beginning of an adult Welsh learners' class as the new students get to grips with Welsh for the first time. We overhear their thoughts as they try to wrap their tongues round the language, with smaller or greater degrees of success.

But for one of them there is a surprising outcome. He not only discovers the language coming naturally to his thoughts, but he also seems able to transmit those thoughts to a fellow student. Later he begins to 'remember' and understand ancient Welsh poetry; something which astounds the rest of the class. 

CHARACTERS in order of appearance:

TUTOR (CERYS) Mid 30s, warm Welsh teacher. Attractive and friendly she easily puts her students at ease

JOHN Retired engineer, tends to be pedantic but can be funny at times

MARY 40-50s businesswoman, pragmatic, efficient

PAT Friendly 60-something housewife, straightforward and sensible

DAVE Early 30s young executive, has a laddish sense of humour, but actually quite thoughtful 

MORFUDD Late 20s, very pretty blond girl, eager to learn but shy 

JILL Mid-50s wife of a local farmer, opinionated


For a free downloadable pdf copy of the script for evaluation purposes, and details of performing rights, email info@derekwebb.co.uk putting the title required in the subject line.

This article was updated on 7 December 2017