Needle Time

1-Act Play (1F, 1M, 1M or F) Running time: 45 mins

SYNOPSIS: Rob is an ageing hippy DJ, warm but cynical. When Suzie, the new girl at the radio station, comes in he's not sure what to make of her, nor she of him.

She's trying to get him to play her brother's new record. He’s more concerned in scoring points and showing off.

Is anything he says actually true? Or is it all meaningless banter? 


ROB PETERS: A disc jockey - early to mid fifties, warm but cynical

SUZIE HUGHES: Young, mid twenties, smart young woman who wants to work in radio

NIGHT MANAGER: 40's or 50's man or woman - obviously good at his/her job.

There are also a number of parts all of which can be played by members of the cast. These are as follows: Station Announcer, Hare (a character part in a radio commercial) Tortoise (another character part in a radio commercial) Voice Over Announcer. In addition, there is a sung station ident required and a recording of a local band. 


For a free downloadable pdf copy of the script for evaluation purposes, and details of performing rights, click here:

The sound effect referred to in the script is available as an mp3 free to companies performing the play. Right-click here to download your free FX! NeedleTimeFX.mp3

This article was updated on 29 December 2017