My Funny Valentine

1-Act Play (1M, 2F) 45 mins

When Chris gives his wife Nicola a present of some saucy undies as well as a card on Valentine's Day, it's with the hope of spicing up their marriage. She is a successful advertising executive, whose career seems to be assuming more and more importance.

Perhaps the pressure of work is the reason that she has forgotten to get him anything. In the post, she also gets another card from someone called Stuart who she doesn't know. But he seems to know her and isn't content with just sending a card...

CHRIS: Mid - late 30s, works in IT - competent, but not a high-flier
NICOLA: His wife mid 30s. Works as an executive in an advertising agency. Career-minded and successful, but very likeable.
DI: Assistant to Nicola at work - and also a good friend.


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This article was updated on 29 December 2017