Man's View

1-Act Comedy Drama (3F. 1M) Running time: 45 mins

Synopsis: Three young women, Carol, Ann and Judy, are having a reunion in a wine bar one evening. It's the first time they've been together for fifteen years since leaving school.
The play opens as they arrive back, slightly the worse for drink, at Carol's flat - a very upmarket warehouse conversion. Carol is keen to impress the others. She is married to a successful publisher, Judy is married with a young child and Ann is still single, but happy working in a dress shop.
As their talk continues, and more drink is consumed, they begin to disclose more and more about their private lives. And when Carol suggests playing a kind of truth game, secrets they have kept hidden for years emerge with disastrous consequences.

CAROL: Early 30s, enjoys spending money and the lifestyle she lives
JUDY: Early 30s, pleasant and more down to earth
ANN: Early 30s, happy with her lot
DAVE: Mid 30s, Carol's successful publisher husband.

Man's View premiered at the Grand Theatre, Swansea in September 2008. The cast was as follows: Ann - Charlotte Rogers; Judy - Liza Ludbrook; Carol- Eloise Howe; Dave - Nick Richards. The play was directed by Peter Richards for Fluellen Theatre Company.

"A neatly presented adult comedy with not just one twist in the tale, but two." South Wales Evening Post - theatre review.


For a free downloadable pdf copy of the script for evaluation purposes, and details of performing rights, click here: Stagescripts

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