Full Length Comedic Drama

Plays are arranged by cast size, ranging from small to large.  NB, if you're looking for an out and out full length comedy click here

Eight actors or less

Baroque 'n' Roll

Four actors (3M. 1F) Running Time: 2 hours.  A romp through the larger-than-life lives – and glorious music – of three of the most celebrated composers of all time: Handel, Bach and Scarlatti, all born the same year, 1685, and who grew to become undisputed giants of baroque music.  Click here for details

The Invisible Man

Three actors (3M) Running Time: 2 hours 15 minutes.  This brand new, fast-moving, very funny adaptation has all parts from a vicar, to a pub landlady to a tramp and to the Invisible Man himself - fifteen characters in total - played by just three actors! Click here for details

Ad Nauseum

Seven actors (4M, 3F) Running Time: 90 minutes. Working in advertising, there's the need to 'believe' in the product one is selling, even if only temporarily. But how far could one stretch that belief, if a product or service runs completely counter to one's convictions? Click here for details

More than eight actors

The Lady Vanishes

17 actors, 13 with doubling - 9F, 8M (8F, 5M with doubling) Running Time: 90 minutes
The famous Alfred Hitchcock classic specially adapted for the stage in this new comedy thriller. Click here for details

This article was updated on 3 July 2020