Colon: full stop

A 1-act play, runnning time approx 45 minutes (2M,3F)

‘Colon: full stop’ explores the thoughts and imaginings of someone who has just been told he has cancer of the colon. The action moves from a real life situation to inside his head where he realises fantasies, such as resurrecting an unrequited love affair, discussing his potential death with a CT Scanner, and thinking he is about to meet people he has idolised. We drift in and out of this other world first after receiving the news, prior to a scan and during his operation. Finally, we return to normality as he wakes up from his sedation.

In addition to Karen, Richard’s wife, the people that occupy his inner thoughts are played by the same actors who play the consultant and nurses. Having heard their voices in the intervening real-life sequences, their use to portray the characters in his head is intended to add to what should be a slightly surreal encounter each time. 


Richard Williams


Nurse 1/CT Scanner

Ellen/Nurse 2 

Karen – Richard’s wife 


For a free downloadable pdf copy of the script for evaluation purposes, and details of performing rights, email putting the title required in the subject line.

This article was updated on 3 January 2018