And the Grey Matter in Between

Full Length Drama (2M, 2F) Running time: 90 minutes

Obsession is intriguing. And in a relationship, what leads to obsession getting out o

f hand? How much is real, how much is a mind game?

I wanted to explore obsession through two characters, the result of a broken relationship, and to let the audience in on their thoughts in a way that only theatre can do, because it is live, because the audience can directly react to the characters.

I wanted, above all, to let the audience make up its own mind, and leave the play hovering over uncertainty - which is perhaps the essence of obsession itself.

Synopsis: Joanne is a woman haunted by her ex-lover, Philip. She is convinced he is stalking her. Then an envelope is delivered, containing nude photographs of her. Angrily she tears them up just before her present boyfriend, Simon, arrives.

When he discovers a piece of torn photograph Joanne admits it was Philip who took the shots. Later she also tells her best mate, Hillary, of her fears about Phillip...

Cast list

Joanne: Lead - a woman in her late twenties, feisty but with insecurities she tries hard to hide, and usually succeeds.

Philip: Lead - her ex-lover, early thirties, a loner, unpredictable, slightly weak character.

Simon: Supporting - Joanne’s current boyfriend, late twenties, self confident, smug and shallow.

Hillary: Supporting - Joanne’s best mate. Sensible, clear-thinking, in her late twenties.



This article was updated on 9 May 2024